Reported Advantages of SBK Compared to conventional LASIK
• Less weakening of corneal biomechanics, less risk of ectasia, better stability.
• Faster visual recovery.
• Better quality of vision: fewer higher order aberrations, better contrast sensitivity.
• Fewer complications, less glare, fewer halos.
• Less incidence of postoperative dry eye.
• Reduced loss of corneal sensitivity.
• Greater flap thickness predicatibility.
• Ability to treat more patients, and higher levels of myopia.
• Can treat thinner corneas.
• Reduced enhancement rate.

Planar, Predictable Flaps and Stromal Beds of Unrivaled Smoothness
• Thin flaps with planar architecture.
• Beveled edges.
• Customized diameters.
• Unrivalled bed smoothness.
• Accuracy and predictability equivalent to Femto SBK.


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Keep your LASIK in mechanical microkeratome
James Lewis, MD (Elkins Parks, PA - USA)

"Click-Free LASIK": have you already heard of a SBK procedure without any click-fees? compared to elevated cost associated of the routinely use of a femtosecond laser. In addition of that cost point of view, Dr. Lewis highlighted the efficacy of the Moria One Use-Plus SBK microkeratome to create 100-micron flaps with a high degree of accuracy, predictability and reproducibility. AS-OCT pictures show the perfect architecture of mechanically created sub-Bowman's flaps. Get the whole story here...

Comparison of myopic LASIK centered on the coaxily sighted corneal light reflex or light of sight
Journal of Refractive Surgery - Oct. 2009, Shigeki Okamoto, MD (Ehime, Japan)

Shigeki Okamoto, MD purpose was to compare refractive outcomes of myopic LASIK using the One Use-Plus SBK microkeratome with centration on the coaxially sight corneal light reflex to centration on the center of the pupil (line of sight). This first strategy was the more effective technique to provide optimal visual outcomes to patients, which are slighly better or equivalent to published results with femtosecond platforms. Get the whole story here...

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