High Technology Behind the One Use-Plus SBK

The One Use-Plus SBK is a single-use, mechanical, automated and linear microkeratome that offers:
• Thin, predictable, planar flaps
• Fast visual recovery
• Unrivaled bed smoothness
• Safety
• Simplicity.
Click here to download the One Use-Plus SBK Newsletters (available in french, english, spanish and chinese)


Automation, Elegance and Practicality

• Pre-assembled and one-handed usage possible
• Outstanding ergonomics
• Safety and reliability of two independent motors: one for head advancement, one for blade oscillation
• Design of suction ring makes the use of a speculum unnecessary on small fissures
• Adjustable stops for customized hinge length.
Click here to download the One Use-Plus SBK Brochure

Regulatory Status
510(k) approved and CE marked.


Evolution 3E: A Common Technology Platform for All Surgeries

MORIA' s console offers a wealth of features to enhance performance, safety, flexibility, and ease-to-use:
• Two forward speeds allow customization of flap thickness, as well as flexibility to manage various corneal geometries.
• Two high performance pumps rapidly create stable vacuum.
• Low vacuum option facilitate extremely gentle flap manipulation on reverse pass and secure globe fixation during laser ablation.
• "Slow vacuum release" option provides gentle onset and release to maximizing patient comfort.
• Runs on wall current, with built-in back up battery for uninterrupted use.
• Continuously monitors all key parameters and confirms status through visual and audible signals.
• Operates the Epi-KTM, the One Use-Plus, the M2 Single Use and the ALTK-CBm System for corneal keratoplasty.
Click here to download the Moria range brochure...

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