For MORIA, the single-use excludes any compromise on performance and reproducibility:
• instruments of high quality and precision
• a constant and reproducible quality
• exceptional tip alignment
• light weight and ergonomical


Either by sets of 3, 4, 5 instruments of your choice, or packaged individually:


• Specula: Kratz wire , Flexible one-piece , adjustable
• Forceps: 1.8mm curved cystotome capsulorhexis , curved or straight tying forceps , curved holding forceps, angled Mc Pherson , Bonn.
• Manipulators: angled Lester lens manipulator, Drysdale manipulator
• Ring: Thornton-Fine fixation
• Hooks: angled Sinskey manipulating hookconical manipulating hook
• Choppers: curved phaco chopper

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MORIA also proposes Disposable instruments for precise positionning of torics IOLs

• Pre-op marker, bubble level
• Mendez Ring
• Bores Marker
Packageg individually in boxes of 10 pieces.
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