Single-Use: the only guarantee of 100% cleanliness and sterility for each patient
In view of increasingly rigorous regulatory and budgetary constraints, single-use instruments are a real alternative:
 • Guarantee of new, precise,undamaged instrumentsfor each surgical procedure.
• Guarantee of maximum safety during each procedure (for the patients and the OR staff).
• Convenient, simplified instrument management.
• Better cost-benefit ratio: the analysis of the costs of utilizing reusable instruments is complex. All the costs are rarely known or understood in their entirety.

Visible costs
• Acquisition,
• Repair,
• Replacement,
• Cleaning, decontamination, and sterilization
• Purchase and maintenance of sterilization
• Equipment, cost of the surface that it occupies in the facility
• Staff costs allocated directly to this process, utilities, and consumables.

Hidden costs
• Indirect staff costs - supervision, technical and regulatory management, and training.
• Using an entirely new tray when only one instrument in the tray is defective.
• Inefficient utilization of operating room time while awaiting instrument resterilization.
• Treatment of iatrogenic infections.

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MORIA & ALCON® have concluded a distributorship agreement concerning the Moria Cataract ONE® line of single-use instruments in Europe
By this agreement, Alcon® is appointed:
- Exclusive distributor in France for the ONE single-use instruments line. The instruments will be incorporated in the Alcon Custom-Pak® as well as sold in individual sterile packages.
- Non Exclusive distributor for the Moria ONE single-use instruments in the following countries: Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Greece.
In these countries, the instruments will be offered by Alcon for incorporation in its Custom-Pak®.

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